In loving memory of the American Colonialism, who had devoted themselves to come up a hybrid house that would accommodate all of their desires. The Filipino Chalet or “Tsalet” is one of the remarkable features of the American Architecture influences here in the Philippines during the early American Colonial era. Though this structure is not that grandeur, but, typically, it rose from scratch up to its recognition and beyond that competes the unbeatable aura of Post-Spanish relics of the “Bahay na Bato” and the “Arquitectura Mestiza”. This type of dwelling by its had arrive due to concerns such as hygiene and health awareness protocols, that Spanish houses never gain strength and popularity. Even if the former Spanish houses were very iconic during these times, the American Chalet in the Philippines disregard the Spanish design threat which was established by the former colonizers for the past centuries. Therefore, “Tsalet” is a house to be remembered.
Rendered by: Revit 2017 (Autodesk)

guitzy guitz


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